An open letter from a dumpyard

Dear civilians,

Here's the deal. I know I am a garbage dump, but COME ON. You honestly need to stop dumping EVERYTHING into me, even when, clearly, I cannot take any more. It's like you see, but you choose to not acknowledge the fact that

And then, you don't even segregate your stuff - doesn't that help your environment or something? Why would you not sort me out by separating your garbage - it's not rocket science.

And here I am, just lying in filth, letting out a stench that reeks of hell. I don't even know where I begin and end anymore. I thought I was the only unfortunate one - but I was so mistaken. There are more like me, some so far beyond help that I don't even recognise them anymore. They are becoming like mini landfills within the city.

To add to this, some of us are even broken... literally broken! We are supposed to be the place that holds your waste, so it doesn't really help you when WE are broken. I mean, where are you going to throw us, into another garbage can?

Give us a break, man. There's only so much responsibility you can dump on us now, isn't there?

Sickeningly Yours,
The dumpyard

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