Give Sports its due importance

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Give Sports its due importance

Make Sports a compulsory subject in schools

Petitioning Union HRD Minister

A Tata Tea Campaign, in association with Network 18


Petitioning Union HRD Minister

If children are encouraged to pursue sport as much as the other subjects in schools, India will see sport becoming an integral part of her culture.

To solve the problem at the grassroots, we petition to the HRD Ministry to make sports a compulsory subject in schools.


Petitioning Union HRD Minister

A Tata Tea Campaign in association with Network 18

Our country harbours some of the world’s most powerful business leaders, innovators, engineers, doctors, professors and scientists. This has been possible by the importance an average Indian household attaches to education. Sports, however, is not considered ‘education’ in India. It is relegated as a play-time or extra-curricular activity that children take up when they are free from academics.

Kids are naturally drawn to sports. It helps them express their emotions, gain confidence, build self-esteem and competitiveness, and learn team spirit. However, we, as a society don’t let sports last beyond childhood. A familiar adage goes: “Padhoge, likhoge, banoge nawab; kheloge, kudoge, hoge kharab,” (If you study hard, you will live like a king; but if you play sports, you will ruin your life.) This mindset needs to change.

Our education system must recognize the importance of engaging children in sports. Since children spend most of their day in schools, a pro-active approach towards promoting sports in schools can kindle their interest and inspire them to go further. Sports has to be given the status of a ‘subject’ taught in schools and be given the same weightage as other compulsory subjects.

To make our schools sport-education ready, we need to close out two important touch points:

1. If we want our youth to walk shoulder to shoulder with international sportsmen and women, we must train them in a world-class learning environment. Schools must be equipped with necessary sports infrastructure - be it a sports ground, a gymnasium, or sports equipment and this has to be ensured by the government.

2. We need to identify, train and equip sports coaches and teachers ​that can cater to our ever growing student population.

The Sports Ministry has proposed to the Human Resource Development Ministry (HRD) to make sports a compulsory subject in schools. However, the department of school education, which comes under the HRD ministry, has informed the sports ministry the majority of the schools were under the jurisdiction of the state governments and that it was for the state governments to take a policy decision.

If adopted, this policy change will impact 36 states and union territories, which have 14.5 lakh-odd schools with nearly 197 million students. ​This needs the involvement of several ministries, state level education boards and sporting experts to make a change at this scale happen; and this change will not be put into action unless we ask for it in one united voice​. We need to be pre-activists and recognize the urgency of giving sports its rightful place in the Indian education system.

Our Petition is to the HRD Ministry​, ​to work with the sports ministry and implement sports as a compulsory subject in schools, and to advice state governments to implement this across all educational instit​utions.

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  • Aparna Sharma
  • 10 July 2017

its a need of time

  • Ansar Sayed
  • 29 June 2017

i like to support this initiative as this is what india needs. plz add this into curriculum of our children for their better future. they are the future of india

  • Diya Deepak
  • 27 June 2017

engaging children in sports at a young age is beneficial for their health and to identify their potential.

  • Nicole Barboza
  • 26 June 2017

i believe this is a cause that needs to be brought to the forefront of our conversations on development and positive change if we hope to have our nation make its mark on an international platform in the field of sports.

  • Bhimsha
  • 24 June 2017

that will fresh up the childs mind..


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