Open Letter From A High Voltage Wire

Dear Human,

Ever felt like you've hung around somewhere for so long that you begin slipping into the woodworks? I've been feeling that way for a while now.

You only notice me during the monsoons. If I suddenly have some amount of voltage, it's of a major concern. I get that me, being a wire, and a live one at that... cannot be exposed to water. But it's not like I am not functional during the rest of the year - you get what I'm saying?

I have been here for years - and it's beginning to feel pretty cramped up here. You would think that after all these decades of hanging around, I would get a neat makeover - but noooo. If being shoved carelessly around poles hasn't been boring enough, you've gone ahead and added a few more wires and now, you've just turned me into a nest of wires.

And should one of your own careless kind cross my path, you have to write these shocking headlines about me in your tabloids, blaming my ugliness and every detail about me.

Do not even get me started on all the various carts of food, clothes and what-not you display at abandon below me. Some of you have the audacity to use me as a clothesline, for crying out loud. I mean, DO YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN DO?

Just, look at me. Think about me, have some consideration for the times that I haven't electrocuted you. And while you take the time to do that, I'll take your advice and just, hang in there...

Dangerously Yours,
High Voltage Wires.

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