Open Letter from a Broken Street Light

Dear Pedestrians,


From where I stand, I have seen a lot. Accidents, people stumbling and falling in the dark, women being stalked, molested and raped - you name it. Yessir, many a disaster has occurred right below me. Had there been a CCTV mounted on me, you would have the evidence as well.

It's pretty traumatic being me. I have shed light on so many incidents... but hidden in the dark are so many more. Once, an old man was mugged. My wiring was in dire need of repair, so no one saw what happened. Perhaps if I were in a better condition, they wouldn't have had the guts to attack and rob you.

You may have passed by me many times. Some of my own kind are well lit even during the day, but aren't turned on during the night. Some of us, including me, have existed for so long that people have forgotten that they could use me, and I just stand there, unused, uncared for.

I remember the other day, when a car rammed into the street lamp down the road. It's ironic, actually. The car couldn't see the other lamp because, well, I wasn't functioning. And it had to go and ram itself in, of all things, a lamp. It's like we're trying so hard to make a point, but no one's really listening, or seeing for that matter.

So while I try and make myself more visible, here's a fun question for you to answer: "How many humans does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

Yours no longer functional,
A broken Street Light

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