If you are witnessing a crime, the first thing to do is to get out of harm's way and hide yourself. You must then:

  • Immediately call 100. If you know the phone numbers of your local police station call them as well and ask them to come immediately.
  • Make a mental note of what the criminal or criminals look like and details of what they are wearing.
  • Pay close attention to all the events that take place. What the criminals did, what they said and so on
  • If the police do not come in time and the criminals have left, make sure not to touch anything. Important evidence may have been left behind which you may destroy by touching it
  • If there is a victim who is hurt or in distress, call an ambulance and help as much as you can
  • Once the police arrive, tell them in detail all that you witnessed and file your First Information Report (FIR)
  • Make sure the police officer signs and stamps your FIR and gives you a copy free of cost

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