Police coming to the private residence of a citizen to ‘bust’ or break up a party that is taking place is a common occurrence. In technical terms, there is no ‘busting’ of a house party.

The police can only enter a private residence to search the premises or seize any article or individual who is connected to an offence. This means that, the police can come into your house if they suspect that there is a cognisable offence taking place and if they have proof of the same.

They could also do it if they have received some complaint. If you are in such a situation then remember to:

  • Ask the police under what authority or order they have they come
  • If they want to search your home they must have a search warrant, which is an order from the magistrate. They must search your house in your presence
  • If the police decide to seize any material make sure they make a record of what they are taking, sign that document as well as take your signature on that document

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