For a month, Tata Tea Jaago Re tied up with CNN IBN to spread the message of empowering the woman voters in our country to make an informed choice and vote. The #PowerOf49 showed involved discussions with leading personalities on crucial women's issues; that women of India shared with us on Push the Pin every week. The 10-point #PowerOf49 manifesto is a result of that, where a point-by-point agenda has been framed to address the most critical women's issues and measures to correct them. The manifesto was presented to 3 representatives from 3 leading political parties.

Various women's issues were discussed with the political representatives. These are some of the opinions each political representative had with respect to some of the issues:

Kapil Sibal:

Point of view on Women's Safety

"Women's Safety is not a political issue. It's a social responsibility. When a man misbehaves with a woman on the street, it's not the politician's fault; it's the man's mindset. This is a mindset problem."

Action Point on #PowerOf49 manifesto - 1 crore toilets in 1 year

"I support 1 crore toilets. It's possible if all bodies involved co-operate."

Smriti Irani:

Point of view on Women in Parliament

"Women's participation in politics is a challenge before us."

Action Point on #PowerOf49 manifesto - Zero Tolerance for perpetrators of crime in parties

"Criminal candidates will not be contesting."

Yogendra Yadav

Point of view on Khap Panchayats

"All Khap Panchayat verdicts not acceptable."

Action Point on #PowerOf49 Manifesto - 1 crore toilets in 1 year

"We will happily commit to this number."

Now that you, the voter, have an idea of what each party has to say about important issues faced by women in India, ask yourself 5 questions before casting your vote:

1. Does the candidate have any criminal or corruption charges/records?

2. Is the candidate ensuring safe streets & public transport for women?

3. Is the candidate constructing clean and operational public toilets for women?

4. Is the candidate committed to providing safe and specialised medical care for women?

5. Is the candidate promoting education of the girl child and women?

Only after you have the answers to these 5 questions must you go ahead, make an informed choice and vote for the right candidate!

Register to vote here:http://www.jaagore.com/vote/register-to-vote/

Read the manifesto here:http://www.jaagore.com/the-powerof49-manifesto

Want to watch the entire show? Watch this space for a link to the show!

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