Enough has been said about what politicians ‘do or don't’. We, the society, must learn to practice what we preach. Before we point fingers at anyone, we need to ensure that we have done our bit.

Before we get politicians to take their oath to office, let's take our Pledge to Vote!

Cast your Vote

I pledge to honour and respect my vote by casting it

People's Power

I pledge to make the leaders in power come to terms with the power of people - i.e. the power of our votes.

No more Complaints

I pledge to not complain about bad governance but to do something about it – by making an informed choice and holding the elected representatives accountable.

Educate Myself

I pledge to educate myself about my local constituency's MP and the parties contesting, so that I can make an informed choice.

Promote Informed Voting

I pledge to educate myself and others on the procedures to vote, and encourage others to vote.

No to Petty Politics

I pledge to not be influenced by religion, caste, race, community or language, when voting.

Vote to Change

I pledge to understand that my vote is my chance to bring about the desired changes in my country, and I pledge to not waste this chance!

Vote Wisely

I am a voter, and I will vote wisely!

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