When records are clean

30% of Lok Sabha candidates from leading political parties face criminal charges that range from assault and extortion to rioting, attempt to murder and defamation (Source: Association for Democratic Reforms).

Candidates facing criminal charges should be banned from contesting altogether.

When deadlines are met

Every political party releases their party manifesto promising benefits. There has to be a time-frame which they must be held accountable for. This will ensure transparency.

When voting is easy

It's a mammoth task for the Election Commission to ensure a smooth electoral process for a democracy as large as India. However, if the process to register to vote was made easy and accessible, the youth of the nation would have no excuse not to vote.

When more women govern the country

As of 2012, women in Indian parliament constituted barely 10.9%. India is ranked the lowest when it comes to women's participation in politics.

More women in the system will lend a much-needed perspective to the country's governance.

When education holds weight

The least qualification for any aspiring candidate should be a graduate degree. Educated politicians can take this country forward. A young and educated politician can be an example for the rest of the country and is able to govern without biases. An educated India can be an empowered India.

These are only some examples that we have suggested. Do feel free to share your views in the comment section.

Let's work towards a country we all are proud of!

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