1. We hate standing in queues

Election day is a declared bank holiday. So why would we stand in long queues when we could be enjoying ourselves anywhere else?

We'd rather wait in a really long line to buy tickets to the latest blockbuster movie… but waiting in a line just to cast our votes? Nope, we'll pass.

2. We don’t like the effort that comes with it

The process of applying for a Voter ID is too tedious. Moreover, we don’t want to take the trouble of doing our homework in finding out our constituencies, our MPs or our polling booths. It’s too time consuming, and definitely not worth our effort.

We wouldn’t mind going on a hunt across the city to find the perfect pair of shoes – but when it comes to making a difference to the country…that can wait for later.

3. We don’t really care

It's not like we as citizens are directly affected by the person who comes to power, right? We can complain all we want, but to actually do something about the problem? Now that's pushing it!

4. We find it boring

Just to open the newspaper and read about election coverage is so boring, when we would rather be reading about pop culture.

But Politics? BORING!

5. "Things will never change anyway."

All the politicians are corrupt and one single vote is not going to make any difference. Like, Seriously!

We get what we deserve

These are the exact reasons why we live in such a troubled country – we deserve it. If we make excuses and do not wake up from our apathy, things will worsen for each one of us. Let’s learn to be responsible citizens to pass on a better India to our children.

The first step in being good citizens is in exercising our most basic right: the right to vote. We lose the right to demand a better city, a better state or a better country if we do not exercise our right to vote.

So don’t be lazy, own up to your country, go out and vote!

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