The country's IT capital has certainly come a long way, but namma Bangalore knows a lot more needs to be done to make it a much more comfortable and happier city to live in.

On 17 April 2014, Bangalore goes to vote. Let's look at the top three changes Bangalore is in dire need of.

1. Increased cost of living

Bangalore has the third highest cost of living in India according to the recent consumer price index (source:www.numbeo.com)

Be it fuel, vegetables, transportation or any basic day-to-day provisions - they are simply getting more and more expensive. Even housing rent isn’t affordable any more – with no rent control in place, these prices will only skyrocket.

Voters need to ensure that the party in power after the General Elections 2014 definitely attends to the increased cost of living in the city.

2. Clean City No More

The Steps Centre reports that the city produces around 4000 tonnes of solid waste each day. Most of this is dumped in land fill sites near villages on the city's outskirts.

Bangalore has even made news in The New York Times and the city was refered to having a "stinking mountain of trash".

Clean City Green City is today called Garbage City. It's so common to see litter strewn across carelessly on the streets of Bangalore. There isn't a reliable hygiene and sanitation system – garbage is not even disposed off in the correct way.

A sound civic governance is the need of the hour.

3. Heavy Road Traffic and Unsafe Transportation

Bangalore is notorious for its traffic problems.

Furthermore, overcharging and misbehavior by auto rickshaw drivers is the bane of the city's transport convenience, especially for women. It also must be noted that there aren’t many alternate modes of transport options available exclusively for women.

2508 pins were pushed in Bangalore under the Category 'Unsafe Transportation' on Push the Pin.

Addressing the clear lack of safe transport options for women must be a priority, apart from solving the traffic congestion issue.

Bangalore – Get Inked!

Water shortage, loadshedding and several other problems plague the city, apart from the ones mentioned above.

So what are you waiting for?

Make sure you vote for a party that addresses the top 3 concerns. Make sure you vote, so you cannot complain about these issues. Go out, make an informed choice, and vote, Bangalore!

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