Why do people vote? Many vote to take active part in democracy, believing that their vote will actually benefit the country.

However, some people are easily led astray and fooled into voting - for all the wrong reasons.

1. Free Alcohol and other Freebies

For many politicians, the easiest way to lure voters is by offering laptops, bicycles or even alcohol! A classic case of reverse corruption; which gives way to even more corruption in the Government. Such voters are simply content with freebies followed by five years of blissful ignorance.

2. Caste or religion-incited votes

Many parties have succeeded to politicise religion and caste, to the extent that voters prefer to vote for parties on religious or caste affinities alone.

Ofcourse, implications are that these politicians will pick religion and caste over the welfare of the nation. So much for a fair democracy.

3. Voting just because you have to!

There are some interesting people that get carried away with all the hullabaloo. They just want to be a part of the drama that happens once every five years. Without even researching the parties, or the candidates they excitedly display their inked fingers.

Post-elections, they go back to hibernation.

Find the Right Reasons

On one hand, we yearn to be part of a true democracy, on the other hand we find selfish motives to take part in the largest democratic exercise. Elections are a phenomena that bring together the voice and choice of people. Unless we take it seriously, our nation will cease to be 'By the People and For the People'. The ball is in our court.

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