General Elections 2014 has set the country alight with frenzy. Many of us voted, some never voted, and a few were unable to cast their votes.

Let's revisit Elections 2014 - here are 10 images of people who have gone through thick and thin just to be able to vote in #Election2014.

Take a look at some Power Voters below. They should make you want to vote too.

World's Shortest Woman Votes!

Jyoti Amge aged 20 years and a first-time voter, shows her voter ID and ink-marked finger after casting her vote in Nagpur. Jyoti holds Guinness World Record as the smallest woman (2 ft 0.6 in).

90 year old Voting for Peace

90-yr-old Rashidan a resident of Muzaffarnagar, said that she's voting for peace.

Voting on Wedding Day!

A young couple in Nagpur pushed their wedding back by a few hours, just so that they could go and vote. The groom said, "Today is my wedding day, and we embark on a new life. So the first thing we have done together is voting for the right Government."

His Vote Matters

An elderly man proudly displays the inked finger after voting at Lajpat Nagar, Delhi on April 10.

A Retired Doctor Votes

This 75-year-old retired doctor is in a wheelchair and yet she voted because she does not think that exercising her right to vote is a burden.

Voting since 1962

Rajesh Sah has been voting since 1962 - almost ever since our democracy came into being.

97-year-old woman votes

Yashodabai Saboo, 97 years old was taken to vote at the Hyderabad elections.

Voting on her daughter's wedding day

On her daughter's wedding day, which happened to be the day Mumbai went to vote, Meena Chendvankar woke up early in the morning to cast her vote, despite her name not showing up on the voter list. The election officers wouldn't allow her to find her name at the election office, so she showed the mehendi on her hands to them and told them, "I have important things to do today. But finding my name in that sheet is equally important for all of us!" She finally cast her vote in Mumbai and proceeded to her daughter's marriage.

Ailing elderly woman votes, and encourages others to vote

A 79-year-old ailing woman displays her inked finger early in the morning. She also instructed her nurse to go back to home to go cast her vote, which is in a distant part of Bangalore.

Election officials at work in Kashmir

Election official carries an electronic voting machine across a makeshift bridge after picking it up from a distribution centre in Doda, Kashmir on April 16.

Vote for India

If these ten incredible photo stories do not shake you out of the numbness we all have been conditioned to - what else will? Make sure you exercise your basic right as an Indian citizen - go out and vote - be a part of the world's largest democracy voting for change this summer.

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