Quite often the Police is in the news for the wrong reasons. With public pressure and media attention, the Indian Police is now on their way to change the public's impression of them.

Amidst all the negative stories about Police and their inefficiency, we bring to you five positive stories from India, about how Police are stepping up to make India safe.

These are five welcome steps, albeit on a long road ahead. They can certainly serve as examples for the rest of the country to follow, towards making India a better place.

Let's take a look at them.

200 women police beat marshall squad introduced in Mumbai

Mumbai saw the first of its kind women police beat marshall squad flag off last week. 200 female marshalls will patrol the streets, especially for women's protection. They will carry wireless devices in case of notifications from women's helplines to help a distressed person. Delhi Police has also been asked by the Government to form women patrolling squads for areas frequented by women or from where such cases are mostly reported.

Source: NDTV

Jaipur Police and UNICEF launch one-stop crisis centre for children

In an effort to combat high levels of child marriage and child labour, Jaipur police is launching "Sneh Aangan" – a one-stop crisis management centre to deal with child victims and juvenile delinquents. In association with UNICEF, this centre will specifically cater to providing legal aid and counselling for the children. Apart from UNICEF, Panchayati Raj institutions, national level NGOs and other government organisations will also be engaged to serve the children. The Police will be sensitized to deal with children's issues.


Source: Deccan Herald

Delhi Police launch a Police complaint Whatsapp helpline

Delhi police has launched a police personnel complaint helpline number, on which you can call, text, or send a whatsapp message. If any police is caught taking a bribe, or is harassing civilians, such a video or a complaint can be communicated on the new helpline number, 9910641064, which started on August 6.

Source: TOI

Bangalore Traffic Police launches application to ease commuter woes

Commuters in Bangalore can now get auto fares and route details by sending an sms to 51115. Bangalore Traffic Police has launched an application called 'Autofare', conceptualised by a Bangalore technology start-up company.

At a nominal 50 paise charge, the message can include the name of the city source and destination. The user will receive a reply with the distance, auto fare and landmarks on the route. Phones that do not have Internet can use SMS, and web users can access Android.

This can be helpful for people who are new to Bangalore. Over the coming months, the application will evolve to include complaints against auto drivers for harassment.

Source – LiveMint

The following initiative is not by the Indian Police - it's by the Border Security Forces. Yet it's remarkable enough for us to make a mention of them.

BSF set up a school for 25 kids at a border village

About 250 kms from Jaisalmer, Border Security Forces jawans have set up a school in a village bordering with Pakistan. The village doesn't have any schools, and seeing the need for one, BSF forces set up a school themselves. Over 25 children are being taught English, Hindi and mathematics. The children are reportedly receiving free education in the village.

Source: TOI

Is there a Police-Public disconnect?

The Indian public has gradually been losing faith in the Police system. Perhaps if more people take initiatives to communicate openly with the Police, their grievances can be addressed. On the other hand, the Police also has to be more sensitive towards the public to rebuild their trust among the people.

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