The massive earthquake
in Nepal has affected many families in the country, with shocks felt in some regions in India too. Many are feared dead and injured.

Aftershocks following such a huge earthquake are not uncommon and being prepared in the event of any catastrophe can help avert further damage to one's being.

Here is some information to remember during such a catastrophe:

What to do when you are indoors during an earthquake

1. Switch off the gas and electrical circuits

2. Crawl under a bed, chair or table and stay still

3. If you don’t have any kind of furniture to crawl under, cover your head and face with your arms

4. Stay away from glass, windows or such structures that could fall on you

5. Do not use elevators during a quake

6. If you are stuck in an elevator, try to exit immediately, else crouch in the corner and cover your head and face with your arms

What to do when you are outdoors during an earthquake

1. Stay away from streetlamps, poles, buildings, wires or any tall structures

2. Stay outside until the tremors cease. Areas near buildings, exits and walls are the most vulnerable areas prone to cause harm

What to do if you are in a moving vehicle during an earthquake

1. Stay in the vehicle, and stop as soon as safety permits.

2. Don’t halt near or under trees, overpasses, tall structures like building or lampposts and utility wires

3. Once the tremors have stopped, move slowly. Don’t use roads, bridges, or ramps that might have been damaged by the earthquake

What to do if you are trapped under a debris

1. It will be dark, but do not light a match. There could be a leak of poisonous gases, and you could ignite it

2. Do not move around as you could cause bigger debris to fall upon you or kick up dust thereby making it difficult for you to breathe

3. Cover your mouth with some form of cloth

4. Don’t shout for help as doing so will consume more oxygen and tire you out – shouting could also lead you to breathing in the dust, which could lead to suffocation

5. Tap on a pipe or wall to create a sound so that rescuers can locate you

Source of information: http://www.ses.vic.gov.au/

Source: http://www.ign.es/

Nepal Earthquake Emergency Numbers & Important Information

Ministry of External Affairs Control Room Numbers:

Source: All India Radio News

Other Emergency Contact Numbers

Source: Huff Post

To access the readymade earthquake emergency survival guide, click here:

To access the Google Person Finder for those stranded in the Nepal Earthquake, click here

Facebook introduced an online service to check if your friends and family are safe. To access Facebook Safety Check, click here

Our prayers are with the people who have been affected by this tragedy. In this hour of need, we hope that we all stay together in spirit and support.

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