A recent UN report stated that 90 million Indian girls are illiterate. A country cannot progress if half the population cannot even read or write!

Here are some of the ridiculous reasons why girls are not allowed to go to school!

She will not become a good housewife

Not doing household chores and wasting time in studying is going to make her ‘unprepared’ for her ‘wifely’ duties.

Well, it’s not like a wife has anything better to do at home other than do household chores, right?

She will be controlling, and will not obey the in-laws

The girl will learn to reason, debate and question rituals that bind her by obtaining knowledge.

So much for education opening one’s mind, right?

She will mix around too much with boys

Because that’s what schools and teachers and books inspire children to do! It’s not like encouraging an informative environment where the young minds of girls and boys can healthily blossom is really a good thing now, is it?

Daughters will marry and leave the house; what’s the point in giving them an education?

Yes, because it will never ever cross a girl’s mind to use the education for the benefit of BOTH her families after marriage..


"Educate a man, and you educate an individual. Educate a woman and you educate a whole family."

A young girl is the future of the country. We cannot waste her youth in teaching her how to cook and stitch clothes. She needs to know that she is equal to men. She needs to be taught that anything is in her reach. We have to make possibilities endless for her. She needs to be educated so she can take care of herself. So she can work for the society and contribute for the larger good.

Power of 49 – Bring Importance to Education

49 % voters are women. If majority of the women voters are illiterate – what kind of a Government can they bring to power? They may fall prey to biases, influence from husband or the immediate society they are in, and can fail to cast an independent vote. Understanding the Power of 49 means empowering the women of India to make a well-informed vote. The rest of the 51% voters must also work towards creating an educated votebank that the Government cannot ignore.
That’s when the PowerOf49 can really set in motion – and bring in the changes we long desire.

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