Rapes, abductions, acid attacks, physical abuse, molestation, stalking, eve-teasing – these are the known crimes occurring in India every single day. Women for no fault of their own, even little girls are attacked with such brutality – that now there is a fear brewing in the minds of Indian women. It’s not paranoia, just a nagging worry that doesn’t quite simmer down. Jaagore posted a poll on facebook and twitter and we reveal to you some of the views of our audience:

Public transport

"You never know when you're taking the wrong rickshaw. Or the wrong bus."


"Not certain that they will protect us. They could put us in jail even if we come forward to file a complaint, because no matter what, in the end, it’s a woman’s fault."

People in Power

"Especially with a huge number of politicians contesting coming from criminal backgrounds – some even accused of rape and murder, you know it’s best to keep safe distance from authority figures."

Every single man

"Just cannot get too close to anyone. In the end, it’s a woman’s fault, better to keep distance."

Push the Pin for a safer country

Make a decision today. Stop living in fear. Push the Pin NOW and mark unsafe spots in India. Use the Power of 49 to end this life of fear and let’s vow to a safer and peaceful country for our women.

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