When there is a short circuit in your home - you call an electrician

When you have a leaking faucet - you call a plumber

When you need new book shelf - you call a carpenter

When you feel unsafe in your own neighbourhood because the street lights don't work - what do you do?


As a woman you are part of 49% of India’s voters. Yet, in spite of being part of such an immense voting block that could potentially play a huge role in India’s democracy, you remain oblivious of your power…the power of your vote!

If women’s safety and empowerment are issues that the country has been grappling with for some time now, why aren’t you, the woman, fighting for the solutions by leveraging your vote?

49% of the voting base is not just an influential mass. It’s one percent short of half of the total number of registered voters in this country. It’s enough to topple a government.

Think about this the next time you hesitate to walk down an unlit or unsafe area because it’s time to give YOUR VOTE the chance it deserves!

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