Politicians are gearing up for the big electoral fight in 2014. India’s citizens are demanding their rights from the leaders. CNN-IBN and Jaagore invited three resilient women to have an in-depth discussion of what Indian women need. Laxmi Saa, acid attack survivor, Ruchira Gupta, anti-trafficking activist, and Sonali Khan, from Breakthrough have helped frame the CNN-IBN Jaagore five point-action plan for women's safety in public spaces.

1. Woman specific agenda in the politician’s manifestos

Each political rally must begin with politicians taking oath to address women’s issues. More amendments in favour of women are a must. Representation of women in police force must rise from the current 5 % figure. Representation of women in politics in the upcoming elections should also rise, up to as much 50%.

2. Nirbhaya fund allocation

Each political party must give a concrete list of how they will utilise the 1000cr allocated to the Nirbhaya fund. There must be a clear direction of how this money will be used for addressing safety issues.

3. City-wise Report Cards on Women’s safety

The government must come out with a periodic report card based on how every state/city ranks in terms of women’s safety, especially with regards to public spaces and public transport. Police should have a women’s safety and sensitisation drive. It must be introduced urgently and progress should be monitored through the report card.

4. Acid Attack Survivor's Rehabilitation

Acid attack should be incorporated as an integral issue, worthy of the strictest punishment. The guilty must be punished within 3 months of the crime. Free treatments for plastic surgeries and sufficient compensation for the survivor is also essential.

5. Set up a nationwide women’s tribunal

Parties should set up a nationwide women's tribunal. It must examine all the laws governing women's safety and parties must also encourage women to go to the tribunal and raise issues important to them.

The Power of 49 has put forth their manifesto on women and public safety.

Join the conversation on @JaagoRe on twitter next week as we discuss domestic violence and create a #Powerof49 manifesto on CNN IBN on Friday, 28 February, 8.30 pm

To read the final 10-point #Powerof49 Manifesto that was presented to leading political parties, click here

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