"He cried, apologised and said he will never do it again."

In most cases of domestic violence, once a man hits a woman, it is likely that it will happen again. And again. It’s a vicious cycle.

"It's my fault. I pushed him too much."

People have a choice on how they wish to react in any situation. The abuser makes a conscious choice to resort to violence.

"He's going through a stressful time at work."

Does that justify using wives as punching bags? Women often work hard managing the house, kids and their work. How should they take their stress out?

"I love him, and he will change with 'my love'."

You should love and protect yourself instead. It’s always better to be with someone who can not only love you, but also respect you.

"I deserved it because I didn't keep him happy."

You should never blame yourself. It is not your fault, the fault lies with him.

There are often other reasons why women in marriages end up feeling trapped: children, financial restraints, dependency etc.

Behind closed doors

A recent Government survey (National Family Health Survey) stated that 40% women had faced domestic violence at home in India. Another survey conducted by Yugantar Education Society across five states revealed that 84% women had faced domestic violence. This obviously means that unreported cases are higher than we can imagine.

Push the Pin on domestic violence

We often don't realise how dangerous and precarious our own homes are.

It really is time to end violence against women. Take that step now. Push the Pin and make your voice heard. Use the Power of 49 to work towards making marriages and homes safer and respectful for women.

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