Lakshmi Rebecca is the brains behind and the face of India’s first online chat show ‘Chai With Lakshmi’. Now in its fourth season the show has been online since 2011 with over 120 webisodes and a staggering 2 million views.

Driven by inspiring stories and ordinary people who do incredible things, Lakshmi’s show is a beautiful collection of interviews and features of people who are making a difference in small ways. The first season of the show featured positive stories of people, NGO’s and facilities that cared for the terminally ill primarily from in and around Bangalore. Some feel-good lighthearted content on cooking and relationships also found its way into the season. She moved onto a larger scale and diversified topics for her second season that covered Indian’s who have achieved and conversations on empowerment, information and the Indian society. Indian athletes took center stage in the show’s third season. Now in its fourth season, Chai with Lakshmi is focused on individuals and organizations who are working for and contributing to creating social change.

Lakshmi’s focus on positive stories and sensible conversations makes her show crisp and entertaining. Testament to that is the large fan base she has across her social media profiles and the sheer number of views her online chat show get. She chooses the people who she has on her show on the basis of how they are making a difference to the way the rest of us live and what they are doing to help shape this country’s future. Understanding that not every episode can be too serious, Lakshmi throws in a few on the history and traditions of tea from other parts of the world and some on life and success.

Lakshmi Rebecca is a perfect example of the kind of influence a woman can have in society. Her passion and belief that lives can be enriched and attitudes can be changed by inspiration taken from positive stories is in itself a lesson that change can be initiated by one woman, a cup of tea and conversation.

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