One of the biggest manhunts Mumbai Police has seen in recent years just acquired success.

A serial sex offender hurting minors was caught in a chase that would give Hollywood thriller film makers a run for their money.

The last picture on the right is the final sketch of the man that has sexually assaulted several children in Mumbai, and given Mumbai Police sleepless nights. Ayyaz Mohasmmed Ali Ansari has now been booked in 25 sexual assault cases, including two of rape.

26 officials were in relentless pursuit of this serial child molestor and rapist.

This move comes as a great victory for India, and for the fight against the abuse of women and children. The rest of the country must follow in the Mumbai police team's footsteps and passionately work to end such crimes forever.

How Mumbai Police Nabbed the Offender

  • The capture meant putting together pieces of a complex jigsaw puzzle. It involved careful co-ordination among 12 police stations in Mumbai. Women police officers had to be patient and understanding with the survivors of abuse who were minors.
  • The Indian Express report says – "Each police station was asked to revisit their respective cases, including the victims involved. Officials revisited the crime scenes to look for any camera that may have picked up the assault from any angle."
  • The offender also had a history of stealing mobile phones. He wasn't a first time offender. He had also been caught previously assaulting a minor, and was beaten up by a mob in the neighbourhood.
  • With time, the police officials zeroed in using all the clues related to similar and frequent child molestation cases. Night patrol officers were put on high alert.
  • Peering over CCTV footage, the few confirmed videos of the culprit were shown continuously to many police officials.

Little by little, the pieces of the jigsaw came together. As seen in the first picture, three different versions of the accused criminal’s face have been designed. The third and final sketch gave the police a valuable clue. As fate would have it, with the help of informers, the accused was finally captured getting off an autorickshaw at a busy signal intersection, and put behind bars.

No remorse for hurting innocents

With no hint of remorse or fear, this pathological criminal was quoted telling his capturer, at Carter Road Police Station in Bandra, "'I used to see couples kissing inside locked cars at Chowpatty beach. I wanted the same but didn’t want to pay for the sex."

The huge difference between consensual sex, prostitution and sex with minors is completely lost on him. Can we blame the society, wrong parenting or his sick criminal mind for the monster he turned out to be?

Perhaps all the factors are to blame, but most of all his own personal choices now decide his fate.

Many abusers still out on the loose

This is one sole case of a criminal behind bars. However, so many such criminals are walking free amongst us.

Some reality check:

National Crime Record Bureau CRB figures for India

  • In 2013, one in two missing kids was lost forever.
  • 65,038 missing children were reported in India in 2012.
  • India is now a destination and a place of origin for human trafficking.

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*Source - Indian Express

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