The horrid news of a gangrape of a six-year-old minor in a high-profile school, and the gangrape of a 22-year-old student in Bangalore has alarmed the country.

Bangaloreans didn't take this incident lightly. Many residents of the city spurred into action on social media. A facebook group Win Bangalore Back was created and within four days, around 18,000 members joined the group. The 'Red Brigade' members actively crafted a game plan to tackle these problems head on. The members of the group organised and called for peaceful demonstrations and protests to push the authorities to end such crimes. Many members have also been constantly contacting the authorities on phone/email to keep the pressure alive.

Thousands of people took part in such demonstrations which actually made a difference. The authorities spurred into action and the accused in both the rape cases were arrested two hours after a meeting between the protestors and the Police occurred on Sunday, 20 July, 2014.

The new Police Commissioner of Bangalore announced that culprits will be booked under 'Goonda Raj' - if invoked, it could mean that the culprit cannot seek bail for one year.

Through images, we re-visit the demonstration and bring to you some ordinary citizens that have been instrumental in bringing about change.

R. Padmavathi Bai and family

Her entire family of three generations made themselves heard at the demonstration.

We have little girls in our family. If we fight for this situation, tomorrow our daughters will be safe.

How can we win Bangalore back?

We need to educate our children and make them understand the value of a woman.

Sharmilla S, 33 years

Every time I hear such news, I feel angry. Then I feel despair.

I'm also a mother of a 6-year-old child.

Rapes are happening daily in India., and it's not just a few cases, but too many cases are reported daily. As a woman, I feel so unsafe.

How can we win Bangalore back?

Police cannot be everywhere. People need to speak up. When you see such incidents on the streets, don't keep quiet, stand up for others.

Sharon Chang, 42 years

I feel immensely upset at how depraved our society has become.

Punishment is not even severe for the lowest level of crimes.

We have no voice when we are eve-teased. Women have no support, we're all alone. When we fight against it, we fight all alone.

How can we win our city back?

I'm a teacher. Educating children when they’re young on how important it is to respect women will go a long way in turning things around.

Aneesh Vidyashankar, 23 years

I see this kind of news on TV and it disgusts me. It saddens me. When someone is attacked like that, they are helpless. I never want to be in that position.

How do we win our city back?

As a musician I think more musicians should perform at such events free of cost to inspire people and spread the message. More of such events where people can come together and voice their intolerance for such crimes will help win our city back.

Disha Sethia, 16 years

I feel scared to even get out of the house now. I never feel I'll be safe outside.

How can we win our city back?

People need to start thinking because one day they might have daughters. Such people, especially the 'eve-teasers' need to be more civilised. Besides, this city is home to many young people. They should come together and work for a solution on these issues.

Akhila, 16 years

I want to point out to the hypocrisy of our country - it’s acceptable in our society for boys to walk around shirtless, but when rapes happen, the blame is on clothes worn by the women.

How can these hooligans forget that they have a mother, sister or a daughter at home?

How do we win our city back?

Women should just walk the streets with confidence.

Xavier Fernandes, 30 years

Everyday I see news reports of such crimes. I wonder why no action is taken against this. I'm worried not just for women all over, but also for women in my family.

How do we win our city back?

This initiative is a good start. People have come here with genuine interest, on a short notice. With more events of public participation such as this one, we can win our city back.

Mark Rego, one of the organisers of 'Win Bangalore Back' group

As a father of three, of which two are daughters, I'm disgusted.

This campaign will be sustained. We have asked people who face any kind of distress to approach us and we will try to assist them.

How do we win our city back?

The people of Bangalore should wake up. You have a duty to the system. You cannot just say "nothing is going to happen" and crib all the time. Do something about it!

Will other cities follow suit?

For long, many of us have numbed down to the repeated horrific news of crimes against women. However, many residents of Bangalore decided they will exert pressure on authorities, and resorted to peaceful ways of making their dissatisfaction with the Government known.

A police constable, on the condition of anonymity also spoke to Jaagore

"More of such events should happen. The people boldly speaking to the Police such as in this demonstration here, will only help us realize faults in our management. It is a lesson for us. The Police will put more efforts in handling such crimes".

The Police and authorities have a duty to play, so do the citizens of India.

To know more about updates by the 'Red Brigade', please visit the facebook group Win Bangalore Back

Don't stay mute. Get out there and make a noise. Let's work towards building safer cities for women.

You can also Push the Pin if you face street harassment here.

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