This week, seven outrageous issues women faced skipped our attention. Let's take a look at them:

1. Molested At The Protest Against Molestation in Kolkatta

A peaceful protest rally of students demanding justice for a girl molested in the campus of Jadavpur University was viciously attacked – reportedly lathicharged, beaten and molested. Student groups are still awaiting answers.

Source: YouthKiAwaaz

2. Gangrape survivor consumes poison before the Chief Justice of India

A woman lawyer consumed poison at the Supreme Court in protest of a gangrape and the Police's inaction in Chhattisgarh.

Source: India Today

3. Rape accused Senior Police official in Mumbai now charged with molestation

A senior Police official from Mumbai who was already accused of rape, is now accused of molestation.

Source: First Post

4. Headless body of woman found in Mumbai

A decomposed headless body of a woman stuffed in a plastic bag found in Mumbai.

Source: IndiaTV

5. 81-year-old woman raped & murdered in Delhi

81-year-old woman in Delhi raped and set on fire by domestic help. The 21-year-old also fled with cash and jewellery after the murder.

Source: IndiaTV

6. Dowry murder in Delhi by an official from Tihar Jail

A 25-year-old woman died in Delhi after allegedly being set afire by her father-in-law, who is Deputy Superintendent of Tihar Jail, and her husband for failing to meet dowry demands. Victim and family had already stated they were being harassed for dowry for a long time.

Source: Siasat

7. A rapist/murderer of a 11-year-old girl lynched to death by mob in Nagaland.

According to sources, accused confessed to the crime of raping and murdering the girl. The mob took over after complaints of Police inaction.

Source: Morung Express

Jaago Re – Let's Speak Up!

Do you think our outrage on national issues can be selective, short-lived and limited? Perhaps we are quick to take sides and offer support when it comes to celebrities, as opposed to everyday women. Yet the fact is that Bollywood stars and other celebrities will continue to remain in a much more empowered position than thousands of survivors of rape, molestation, acid attacks, women who face human trafficking, dowry deaths etc. Every regular woman that walks down a dark alley in India and looks over her shoulder doesn’t have the support and backing of an entire country.

Media and the public have recently taken a stand against shoddy representation, objectification and discrimination of female celebrities. Can we also condemn the other attacks that are happening on women all over the country?

We are right in voicing out our outrage of crass treatment of women in public spheres.

Yet we are wrong when we ignore and stay silent on the repeated and ghastly attacks on women in all parts of India.

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