You are a resident of India. You pay your taxes. You work. You run a beautiful home and you take care of your family.

You give great thought to your wardrobe, ensure that all deadlines are met at work and provide your children with every possible opportunity to excel. You attend to every little detail and ensure that nothing goes unnoticed or unattended to.

Well, almost.

One very important detail has gone unnoticed. You forget that before anything else, you are a powerful woman. You forgot that you have the power to decide who gets to make the policies by which you must live in this country.

Like you, 49% of the registered voter base in India has the same power. YOU and the rest of them have the power to VOTE for a government that will be attentive to your issues. And why shouldn’t a government in power be so?

Women form almost half of the base that elects the government. Imagine the possibilities and change in policy making you could affect if only the lot of you decide to use the power that is granted to you as a fundamental right? Vote... and encourage every woman you know to do so as well.

It’s time to make the system aware of the Power of 49%.

Don’t start a movement. Just join the one you already are a part of - #PowerOf49!

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