There is a very distinct difference between sex and gender. The former refers to the biological makeup of a person and the latter is the social distinction between how a man and a woman is supposed to “conform to society.” A lot of issues relating to safety for women and men arise from this. For example, it’s not wrong for boys to cry or for girls to be tough but we still find ourselves saying things that prejudice against genders. How many times have you said the following statements without realising its implications:-

The sexist comments we hear so often are part of a vicious cycle that sustains and perpetuates gender bias in our society. We cannot completely eliminate it overnight, but we can take conscious steps and change the way we say (and see) things. What we say has and will have a positive or negative impact on those around us, especially our children. By gender biasing in our day to day life, we are inculcating the same in our children, which, as we see from examples in our society, may lead to negative actions.

This independence day, we decided to ask schools and parents to share their opinions on introduction of gender sensitisation in schools. Watch this video to know what they had to say:

Power Of 49 Manifesto

The Power Of 49 Manifesto points out the need for gender sensitization to be made compulsory for boys and girls from Std. V to XII in order to counter eve-teasing. But there are a many objections for implementing the same. Comment with your views below.

Push the pin

Push the pin on gender issues that you think affect women.

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