Many women face verbal and sexual harassment: at school, colleges, in the workplace, while using public transport, or even from their trusted friends or family members.

It is often unsafe to respond especially to harassment. If you are alone it is advisable to ascertain the situation and decide if it's safe to respond.

Here are some incredible responses that have shut people up. Take a look at these amazing comebacks to sexism and harassment
. So the next time next someone makes a sexist insult, you know you can make a comeback and you don't need to tolerate it!

Comebacks from some famous women:


What are you looking for in the next man?

"I’m not looking for a man. Let’s start there."

Emma Stone

Reporter: You look beautiful, as always

Emma Stone: Oh thankyou, that’s all that matters!!!??

Keira Knightley

Reporter: How do you balance your career and personal life?

Keira Knightly: Are you going to ask all the men that?

Megan Fox

Interviewer: The fact that there aren’t many superhero films with super heroines with female leads. What’s your take on that? Do you feel like it’s time? It’s a matter of time? Before we see more of those?

Megan Fox: Do you think that I would answer anything but yes to that question? Do you think I’d say “No it’s not time for women to be in movies, let’s take it back 50 years.

Lauren Conrad

Interviewer: What’s your favourite position?

Lauren Conrad: CEO

Comebacks from some lesser known women:

When I get harassed…
I always pretend I didn't hear and say "what?" The more they have to repeat the sillier they sound.

Man: "I bet u don't know how to play this video game."
Woman: "I actually created it."

Or Simply
That was sexist. And it's unacceptable.

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