5 things women in India need: an acid attack survivor speaks out

Eight years ago, a 15-year-old adolescent girl was brutally attacked with acid at a crowded market in Delhi. Today Laxmi SAA has finally taken the decision to come out of her veil. Laxmi is now the face of Stop Acid Attacks, a campaign touring India to educate and sensitise people about the abuse and life-long torment of acid attack survivors.

Today, women in India are asking for change, more than ever. Laxmi speaks to Jaagore on behalf of all women in India.What are the five things that the women of India need today? Read on to know her views.

Laxmi SAA: Acid Attack Survivor

What are the five things that the women of India need today? Read on to know her views.
  • 1. Freedom – freedom to live a life without fear. The freedom to say NO without being attacked for it..
  • 2. Importance to women’s education/ambition – Marriage and serving the husband is not every girl’s ambition.
  • 3. Support from Parents/Family – When I was attacked with acid, my relatives put the blame on me, suggesting that I must have done something to make him angry. Everyone, especially the girl’s family needs to understand that it’s not a woman’s fault every time she is eve-teased, stalked or attacked.
  • 4. Mentality/Attitude towards Women – Right from childhood, young boys have to be taught to respect their sisters and only then will the chauvinistic mindset towards women change.
  • 5. Law – Judiciary has to be sensitive to women. A strict and effective law will help curb crimes against women.

Laxmi's voice is echoed amongst a million women in India today. What Laxmi wants, is what every woman needs. Are we waiting for another Laxmi to come forward to make us realise the urgency of things? In July, the Supreme Court, with reference to acid attacks stated, "Girls are being attacked every day in different parts of the country."

Use the Power of 49 before it’s too late. Come together and demand a safer country for our women. A brave and defiant woman, Laxmi SAA is standing with you in solidarity.

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