About Simplify

The ‘JaagoRe’ campaign rose from Tata Tea’s wish to go beyond the product or brand and do more. It’s an endeavour to stir the common man from being complacent, to start getting informed and to begin thinking about the issues we so easily push under the mat or pass the buck on.

From the evocative “Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru” to the call to action ‘Vote’ initiative, JaagoRe is consistently committed to communicating and providing platforms that enable and highlight a movement toward empowerment and transformation.

The ‘Simplify’ campaign is centred around facilitating a change in the mind-set of the masses. Convoluted headlines, multi-layered policies and complex issues that affect our everyday lives will be broken down into easily understandable, bite sized bits of information so that you can be informed, empowered and awakened.

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