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I would have never thought that the car I was so looking forward to buying would finally become the bane of my existence. I was looking forward to buying this car, what with all the hours of hard work I put in to be able to afford it - but of course, the traffic jams of my city had other plans in store for me.

The day I purchased the car was possibly the only time when I was genuinely happy. Yet every day since then, I have been cursing myself. And why? I am not able to shift past the first gear. Perennially stuck in a jam, I am always late. Both ways, while going to office or while returning home.

The other day, I was stuck in a jam, as usual. I could hear the faint sirens of an ambulance. I sighed, knowing that there was no way the ambulance was going to make its way out of the long procession that was the bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. I checked my rear view mirrors and miraculously, I saw the ambulance inch forward. I honked loudly to signal the vehicles in front of me to make way. However, there was no space for them to go. I waited anxiously as the ambulance drove ahead and halted to my left. I peered into the ambulance and could see the worried faces of the family members inside, helpless and desperate.

I cursed, this time, not for me, but for the ones battling life and death in the ambulance. After what seemed like an eternity, the cars began to move ahead at a slow pace. As the ambulance snaked its way out of the jam, some people followed its trail, as is always the case on Indian roads.

I shudder to think what would happen to me, if I were to be in the same situation?

Why are we stuck in a rut?

It’s only because we are in ‘let’s just adjust and adapt’ mode, this menace endures. Good civic sense is the hallmark of any proud city. Our streets can be safer and peaceful only when we break out of the ‘adjust and adapt’ mode and start being responsible. Do we have to wait for a complete breakdown of the infrastructure of our cities?

Alarm Bajne Se Pehle Jaago Re!

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