Torture Or Coercion While In Custody

It is illegal for the police to slap, beat, threaten, intimidate or torture any person who is being held in custody. Policemen can be removed from service and can also go to jail for doing this.

The police are responsible for the wellbeing and safety of an arrested person. If anyone suspects torture of a person who is in police custody, they can report it to the National or State Human Rights Commission, to a magistrate or to the Legal Services Authority. The matter can also be taken directly to the High Court or Supreme Court.

It is also against the law for the police to force an individual into making a confession. The police have the right to interrogate an individual but they cannot strong-arm one to say anything that he/she has no knowledge of or to confess to some crime that he/she has not committed. 

Remember that under any circumstance and in any case, a confession that is made to a police officer is not admissible in court. A confession is only valid if it made  to or before a magistrate.

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