Why A Girl Who Votes Is Perfect For You

Date a girl who votes – she loves parties. Not the merry-making kind, but the political kind – you know, the party that governs you. No, she is not a serious person who doesn't know how to have fun. Yes, she sometimes thinks that her existence should matter on some level to the country.

Date a girl who votes – she won't give up. When faced with a situation, she is motivated to do something than let it rest – like when her country needs a better government, she will step up and do her bit. Don't try asking her to let it be. She won't.

Date a girl who votes – she gets reality. She will work with you through the ups and downs of a relationship because she knows that there is no such thing as a 'perfect couple'. Just like she knows that there is no such thing as a 'perfect nation'. If she wants perfection, she knows she has to be involved too.

Date a girl who votes – she is optimistic. However bleak the situation may be, she believes that she can change the outcome. You want to be with a girl, who gives hope – like she believes that her vote can make a difference. There never will be a dull day with a hopeful spirit like hers.

Date a girl who votes – she sets trends that countShe thinks voting is cool and she believes that getting inked is in.

Date a girl who votes – she is clear-headed. She takes matters into her own hands because she knows exactly what she wants. And there's nothing more attractive than a girl who knows what she wants.

Date a girl who votes – she is informed, you know, about the country and such stuff. She may not be hooked onto Page 3 gossip. But imagine spending evenings with her over a cup of tea, having interesting conversations with her, debating and arguing, justifying the logic of things. You will never run out of things to talk about.

Date a girl who votes - she is independent. She will not depend on you for everything, and she has a mind of her own. She will definitely ask you to share your opinion, but only after she has voiced her own.

Date a girl who votes - she really, truly, cares about you, herself and the both of you. By voting, she is trying to make the country a better nation and only because she wants your children to have a better future. She wants you to have a better future.

Date a girl who votes – because this girl, is definitely, a keeper.

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