posted on 25 June, 2016

Understanding drug abuse in India : A conversation with experts

Drug abuse is is one of the most crippling issues in our society today, but unfortunately, we fail to pay much attention to it. While there are victims from a varied age group, youngsters fall easy prey to drugs and substance abuse. The society views an addict more as a criminal and less as...

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posted on 19 June, 2016

Father's Day stories on challenging society’s norms of parental roles

June 19 marks the day when all of us celebrate Father's Day, thanking dads all around the world for the sacrifices they have made and the hearts they have won. While gender roles are converging, a social stigma still exists - the notion that fathers cannot or should not be the prima...

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posted on 18 June, 2016

Fatherhood VS Career: Is India bridging the gap for working dads?

In an age where the preset roles that men and women are expected to play in society are gradually changing, we decided to take a look at the different methods in which this change is encouraged. One of the notable changes is facilitating men to be more involved in the upbringing of ...

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posted on 07 June, 2016

What is the Krishi Kalyan Cess?

The government has recently introduced the Krishi Kalyan Cess to fund programmes for the welfare of farmers. On June 1, 2015 Service Tax rates were hiked from 12.36% to 14%. The Swachha Bharat Cess was also introduced at the rate of 0.5% from 15th November last year. With the introduction o...

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The blending of the big leaves with the small leaves of Tata Tea Premium is much like the blending of small joys in life - where everything comes together perfectly!

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