posted on 25 July, 2016

What does the ‘Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act’ say?

Are we a society that needs the law to tell us that we need to take care of our elderly? On account of Parents’ Day, we had shared some statistics concerning the condition of the elderly in our country. Given the plight of senior citizens in our society, the Government of India pa...

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posted on 23 July, 2016

A few stats we need to know about the senior citizens in India

Every fourth Sunday of July is celebrated as ‘Parents Day’ to honour and show gratitude to the sacrifices that parents make to ensure a bright future for their children. However, the statistics about the conditions of the elderly in India look quite grim. While on one hand we ta...

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posted on 22 July, 2016

Filing Income Tax returns - What you should know

Most taxpayers pay their taxes well before the end of the financial year i.e. 31st March. For salaried employees, it gets deducted through TDS and gets paid in regular instalments round the year. But when it comes to filing for Income Tax returns, many taxpayers tend to miss the deadline of...

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posted on 18 July, 2016

Bystander apathy and possible ways to overcome it – A conversation with experts

Bystander apathy is one of the biggest evils in our society. When we witness an accident, most of us choose to do nothing to make sure that the person receives immediate help. Statistics show that almost half the lives lost in road accidents could have been saved if bystanders had offered h...

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