posted on 19 November, 2015

3 Stories You Should Read on International Men’s Day!

Society has forever been setting parameters on the kind of jobs that men and women should be doing. What happens when men are doing offbeat jobs that are supposedly meant for the women? On the occasion of International Men’s Day, Jaago Re spoke to some interesting men in offbeat profe...

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posted on 15 November, 2015

India's Politics: From kids' point of view

Gone are the days where children were offered candy and materialistic gifts by their teachers and parents on Children's Day. APSA (Association for Promoting Social Action) has teamed up with UNICEF (United Nation Children's Fund) to create a special gift that goes by the name "...

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posted on 06 November, 2015

Reacting V/S Responding - Why do we regress when it comes to Rape?

"Rape is nobody's fault but one has to dress desirably" Why is this statement wrong? Arguably, there are two very wrong claims in this comment - one that rape is "nobody's fault", and that one has to "dress desirably" so that nothing such as rape happens. Every time an incidence...

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posted on 05 November, 2015

Fight Dowry, not 498A

One woman dies every hour due to dowry harassment in India. * The anti-dowry harassment law (498A) has helped women gain confidence to come and report domestic abuse, but there has been an increasing anger towards it. As the debate continues on the use and misuse of it, we decided to as...

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