posted on 20 May, 2016

Salaried Employees to submit proof for LTA, HRA claims

The CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) has introduced a new form (Form 12 BB) for claiming tax deduction towards LTA, LTC, HRA & interest paid for home loans. The new form mandates people to furnish proof of travel while claiming LTA, LTC, and details of landlord in case of HRA claims...

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posted on 19 May, 2016

Freedom of Speech VS. Criminal Defamation

On 13th May 2016, the Supreme Court of India dismissed petitions that sought decriminalising defamation. The petitions claimed that criminal defamation went against the constitutional right of a person’s freedom of expression. In response to this, the Supreme Court pointed out that th...

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posted on 16 May, 2016

India’s water crisis: A situation we can solve together

Water crisis in India reached an alarming level this year. For a country which claims 2.4% of the total global area, supporting 18% of the global population has been a challenge on various fronts. Ensuring availability of water has been one of them. As per Census 2011 data, 32% of the r...

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posted on 07 May, 2016

Being a mother, a friend, and so much more - #HappyMothersDay

Anjali Khosla was looking forward to having her second child, and she really wanted a baby girl. The first time she saw her baby, she thought the baby was perfect. Anisha was everything Anjali had hoped for. However, baby Anisha was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome. From that moment, till...

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The blending of the big leaves with the small leaves of Tata Tea Premium is much like the blending of small joys in life - where everything comes together perfectly!

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