posted on 02 September, 2015

7 ways the Internet can help victims of domestic abuse

About once every five minutes, domestic violence is reported by a woman in India - one of the highest incidence rates in the world. Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence does not only occur in “poor” families or in minority communities – it happens all around us. H...

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posted on 31 August, 2015

How women contribute to gender biasing

Gender biases have been deep rooted in our society. We tend to ‘put’ women in their place in society with phrases that are uttered consciously, or sometimes even unconsciously. More than usual, these phrases might be said by women to women they interact with. For example- we hea...

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posted on 19 August, 2015

Are you aware about the New Tax Filing Rules? (Part 2)

In continuation to our Tax Filing Series of articles, this article will help us understand the new Rules announced by the CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) for filing tax returns for the previous financial year 2014-15. CBDT has declared the set of Income Tax Return (ITR) form...

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posted on 07 August, 2015

Experts’ Take on the New Guidelines for Child Adoption in India

The new guidelines governing child adoption came into effect on August 1, 2015 and these guidelines are expected to change the way the process of child adoption functions in India. In spite of having a large number of children waiting to be adopted, adoption is neither a popular option, nor...

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