Questions Indian Moms Would Never Answer

The thing with children is that they have a way of putting things in perspective. The questions they ask are sometimes so simple, yet heavy.

For example, take a look at some of these questions:

If only we realised, the example that we are setting for our children is so wrong. If only we become conscious of our choices - of being silent. Or of reacting when it's too late. If only we understood... that the truth may not be spoken - yet it cannot be ignored!

Our children are going to bear the brunt of our indifference and reactionary behaviour. If we want them to have a secure future, we need to be the role models who change the present now! Let’s take a step toward change, by changing how we tackle these problems. Let’s be the adults we want our children to grow up to become!

Alarm Bajne Se Pehle #JaagoRe!

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