Women make up 49% of the electorate, yet most of them dont feel voting is relevant. Jaagore awakens the power of 49 to the power of their vote.


Power of 49 Manifesto

A manifesto for women, by women.

Indian women represent 49% of the country's electorate - the problems affecting a vote bank this big could not be ignored. Hence, a manifesto was created to highlight issues that needed immediate addressing and was presented to the authorities. Get involved, download the Manifesto now.


Push the pin

A manifesto for women, by women.

Every civic problem has one solution - your voice. Make the system work for you. Make your voice count. *Push the Pin on an issue that affects you now.



Change starts here.

*The Women of India make up 49% of its electorate, and yet, they are not considered as an impactful vote bank. Indian women need to awaken to the power of their vote - the power of being able to make or break a government.


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