The first step towards solving an issue is to identify it, accept its gravity, and understand that if we don’t act now, it will be too late. Let us pledge to change and inspire others to do the same. India has the talent she needs to become one of the most formidable sporting nations in the world - let’s collectively pre-act upon doing away with the obstacles that hamper this realization. If we all take one step forward as pre-activists, our nation takes a billion steps forward toward change!

“Champions of Tomorrow, a Tata Tea Jaago Re Initiative” is a sporting initiative where we aim to find India’s best athletes and provide them with a platform to discover themselves and excel. It is a 6 city, under 16 athletics program featuring both boys and girls.

Featuring 100m, 400m, 800m, Long Jump and Shot Put, the winners of each event at the city rounds will travel to the All India Finals where they will compete against the winners from other cities. The winners of each event at the All India Finals along with 2 other scouted talent will travel to the athletics hub of UK, Loughborough University for an 8-day training camp. The camp will involve international training methodologies, practised by modern-day athletes, where these students will be a part of the program under the guidance of international trainers and coaches.