Delhi goes to vote tomorrow, on the 7th of February, 2015. Amidst a lot of hype and hullabaloo, the common man and woman's issues are slowly getting sidelined. We speak to five women from different parts of Delhi and ask them – what is it that a woman from Delhi really expect from the new Government. Why is the woman in Delhi voting tomorrow? Here's a look at some responses.

Shambhavi Saxena, Postgraduate student and writer

It's hard to single out only ONE thing I want from the new Government. I'd really like to see Article 377 scrapped, and a Government that fosters an informed, compassionate and inclusive attitude to all genders and sexualities.

Pratishtha Dhobal, Editor-in-Chief, Askme.com Lifestyle Communities & Filmmaker

I want to be able to step out on the streets fearlessly at night and trust the state and government to fully commit to making that change.

Amrita Banerjee, Web & Creative Lead, Refiral.com

I have experienced that a person guilty of molestation or rape, usually goes ahead, gets married and has children of his own – lives like an innocent person. Even after committing such crimes. A person staying in such a neighbourhood needs to be exposed – it’s important for people to be aware so they can protect themselves and their families.

Neha Bhatia, Program Manager with Gandhi Fellowship

I never see many auto rickshaws when I step out in the streets. If they are around, they will not agree for a ride. Even the Police doesn't help us when we get harassed by auto drivers.

Shruti Sharma, Communication Consultant, Development Sector

Making it safe for us to walk down the street is going to be the first step but it doesn't end there. Stronger, result-oriented steps need to be taken to ensure the end of violence against women and children. One rape is too many. One child being harmed is too many. The government (strongly backed by corporates) need to work towards inclusion and empowerment of women; tokenism just won't make the cut any more.

Will the #PowerOf49 make a difference in Delhi?

The female electorate in Delhi needs to come together to give the ultimate showdown to the authorities. Our voices need to be loud enough to shake the core of the city. When the women of Delhi vote in large numbers, the politicians will know: here's a votebank they cannot take for granted.

Let's show them what Delhi needs. Women, rise up to the occasion and cast your vote in large numbers. This is only the beginning.

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