As the date for Bihar’s elections to take off approaches, we wanted to take a look at the issues that Bihar’s voters want resolved.

Bihar’s urban voters have identified subsidized food distribution, better schools, better education and eradication of corruption as their top 4 needs. On the other hand, the top 4 needs of rural voters are the fundamental basics that are yet to be provided: better electric supply, better roads, better hospitals and clean drinking water.

It’s easy to see that the people of Bihar still struggle with basic necessities. This predicament should influence every Bihar voter to be well informed about the candidates they elect to preside over the state’s governance.

The following candidates and MPs/MLAs were analyzed since the 2004 elections:

We condemn crime but a significant number of candidates and MPs/MLAs who have been elected or are standing for elections have criminal cases against them.

Candidates with criminal cases against them have more chances of winning elections.

Bihar has one of the lowest GDPs per person in the country but the state also has alarming disparity among its population. The above data highlights this as well.

Candidates with criminal cases and some with even serious cases against them have been elected to power by Bihar’s citizens, over the past decade. Being aware of the candidates who are contesting will empower the voters to hold them accountable even after the elections are over.

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