The excitement from Elections 2014 refuses to faze out. The country has voted, a party has now been elected to power and India is ready to walk a new path. Let's revisit the top highlights that marked General Elections 2014.

1. Longest election in India's history

The Indian general election of 2014 was held to elect the 16th Lok Sabha in nine phases, from 7 April to 12 May 2014, spread over 36 days to vote members of parliament to all 543 parliamentary constituencies of India. This was the longest election in the country's history. (Election Commission of India - ECI).

2. Largest ever election in the world

Electoral population in 2014 election was 814.5 million, making it the largest ever election in the world. (ECI)

3. 100 million new voters

There has been an increase in newly eligible voters of 100 million since the last general election in 2009 (ECI).

4. 16 May, 2014 - Judgement Day

Counting took place within a single day, according to Al Jazeera at 989 counting centers in India and the result was announced in the evening of 16 May, 2014.

5. Highest ever voter turnout recorded

The average election turnout over all 9 phases was around 66.38%, the highest ever in the history of Indian General Elections (ECI).

6. Over 60 Lakh Indians press NOTA

Voters for the first time exercised the 'None of the Above' option in the Lok Sabha polls. 1.10 % of the electorate, 60,00,197 voters to be precise, pressed the NOTA button in this election. (ECI)

7. Most expensive Election - costing around 30,000 crore rupees

The official expenses are part of the whopping Rs 30,000 crore that were projected to be spent by the government, political parties and candidates in Elections 2014.

The Centre for Media Studies, an independent not-for-profit research organization has stated in several news media reports that parties have spent close to 6 billion US$ for campaigning.

Spends can be attributed to roads shows, online ads, cash, helicopters etc. India comes close on the heels of 7 billion US$ spent on the US 2012 presidential election.

8. Election expenditure per candidate raised to 70 lakh

The government this time raised the cap of spending per candidate from Rs 40 lakh to 70 lakh for most states in India.

9. 34% MPs elected have criminal charges against them.

186 out of 543 MPs elected in the current Lok Sabha in 2014 have criminal cases against them.

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10. 65% women voted in 2014, 62 Female MPs won.

ECI reported that from the registered women voter base, 65% women voted in Elections 2014. This has significantly increased from women voter turnout back in 2009 which was 57.23%. (ECI) Furthermore, 11% women candidates were elected in 2014 - Only 62 MPs from a total of 543 MPs elected are women. (ADR)

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