The tables have turned. The Jury has declared its verdict. With great expectations and distant dreams, the #PowerOf49 marched up to the polling booth and cast their votes. Now what?

Well, it's our job to ensure that the party we voted to power carries out their job. As women, your agenda is to constantly remind the Government to reverse the state of affairs, so every woman in India can live a fulfilled and contented life.

Make sure you hold the new Government answerable to these important questions.

1. What have you done with the 1000 crore Nirbhaya fund so far?

2. What are you going to do about my safety? I need specific answers.

3. When are you going to stop shaming victims of sexual abuse?

4. When are you going to recognise marital rape as "rape"?

5. What are you going to do remove the stigma of the 'girl child' in India?

6. If I'm a survivor of rape, do you have concrete provisions and plans for my rehabilitation?

7. What are you going to do to change the mentality of society towards a woman?

8. Why haven't you passed the 33% woman's reservation bill in the Parliament yet? Why do we have less than 10% women in politics till today?

9. What can be done to make women believe that approaching the Police for help is not futile?

10. When will our hopes of a better healthcare, better education facilities and better job opportunities see the light of the day?

Will the Government take the onus upon themselves?

While many provisions for women have been announced in the past, the onus is on the next Government to pull through the many proposals and projects that are dedicated to women.

And that can only happen if the #PowerOf49 makes their voices loud enough for them to hear. So let's gather and stand together for one aim – let's free women of all the society's ills once and for all.

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