Education in India has always been a significant part of growing up, be it education from parents and Gurus during the vedic age, or formal education in the modern age. Our education system has undergone several changes, hoping to become more inclusive and efficient, but it is far from perfect. The one section that has tirelessly been trying to change our education system for the better are the Teachers.

On Teacher's Day 2016, wanted to know from the teachers in India the changes that they would like to see in the Indian Education system. Here’s what they had to say -

Give Economics its due importance -

Ms. Poulami Rana feels ‘Economics’, as a branch of study has not got its due and that undue importance is being given to medicine and engineering.

Encourage practical learning -

Ms. Heena Attar voiced her opinions about how tests/exams should be given lesser importance since they only emphasize on rote learning.

Connect to the roots -

Ms. Subrata Basu believes that children need to learn to feel connected to nature.

Bring vedic education back -

Ms. Payel Banik talks about traditional education and says that vedic education should be made part of the curriculum.

Recruit talented teachers -

Mr. Dipanjan Chakraborty too thinks that the ancient Indian education system was the best. He also talks about the need to recruit talented teachers.

Monitor student - teacher ratios -

Ms. Ashra Khan feels that the student-teacher ratio need to improve, and that quality education can be guaranteed only by increasing the number of teachers.

Instil values, and not morals -

Ms. Jayanti Mahapatra, who has been teaching for 28 years, feels that there is a lack of emphasis to human values.

Teachers who have inspired generations and dedicated their lives to the cause of education feel that these are the changes that need to come about in the educational system. Do you agree with their views? What do you think are the changes that can make our education system better and more effective? Share your views and questions with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages, or email at jaagorein@gmail.com

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