Sister donates 65% of her liver to save brother


In late 2013, Nisha Bhaisade from Mumbai didn’t think twice before donating 65% of her liver to her brother Nilesh Bhaisade. The surgery took place on the day of Raksha Bandhan.


Excessive alcohol had damaged her brother’s liver. According to the doctors, Nilesh’s degraded liver was removed and a part of his sister’s liver was transplanted in his body. Liver has a tendency to grow wholly in a span of three weeks in both the donor and recipient’s body.


The surgery was just in time; for her brother had barely three weeks to live. Unable to find an immediate relative of the same blood group, Nisha herself turned up to make a donation for her brother. “I am extremely lucky to have a loving sister who saved my life while putting her’s in danger,” Nilesh reportedly stated.


Source – DNA


Playing with their lives to save their brother


In a village in Bihar in mid-2012, three teenaged sisters lost their lives while fighting to save their three-year-old brother and another toddler from drowning. The girls were washing their clothes on the river bank when they saw their brother Shivam and another child Vikas struggling in deep water. The girls plunged in to rescue the young boys. The three of them reached the toddler boys who clung on their sisters tightly, preventing them to swim freely.


The two boys reached to safety. The villagers also heard their cries and pulled them to the shore. However, the three girls could not be saved and they lost their lives in the bargain.


Source – TOI


Brother's stem cell transplant gave new life to sister


India’s first successful stem cell transplant that gave a new life to a young girl. One and a half year old boy Pugazhendi’s umbilical cord blood stem cell cured his sister Thamira of a fatal blood disorder she had for seven years.


The disorder can destroy blood cells and cause severe anemia that occurs within months following birth.


Today, their parents are heaving a sigh of relief since their daughter’s misery has ended.


My brother's cord blood saved me or I knew I wouldn't have been alive for long. I love my brother," says Thamira.


Source –Two Circles


Fighting the fury of nature to save her younger brother


In the monstrous floods of Uttarakhand in 2013, eight-year-old Mahika Gupta saved her younger brother’s life. After spending three days without food, water and clothes at Uttarakhand, they reached Delhi safely.


She was awarded the National Bravery Award 2013 by the Prime Minister in January 2014 on Republic Day.


This is her story in her words:  “In this summer vacation I went to Kedarnath Temple on June 16th with my family.  We were praying in the temple and suddenly there was a great thundering sound.  Everyone was frightened. Before we could understand anything, muddy water with huge stones entered the temple with great pressure all around us.  The pressure was so high that we got separated from each other.  I found myself alone in the water.  Suddenly, I heard someone crying and it sounded like my brother’s voice. Quickly looking towards the sound I saw his legs were pressed down under a big stone.  The horrible darkness of the muddy water made me helpless.  The water began to enter my nose, my ears and my mouth.  I did not know what to do and I could not swim.  But to save my brother’s life I began to move my hands towards him.  Luckily my hand touched a little finger.  I pushed myself with my whole strength and succeeded in finding him.  I held his hand tightly and closed his nose with the other hand.  Water flowed around but I did not lose my grip.  We were both lost in the water.  After some time I was able to see a little light.  I waved my hand for help.  Like an angel a person appeared and took us to a safe place”.




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