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Most asked Questions

1Who can register to vote?

Anyone over 18 by 1 January 1 2014, who is an Indian citizen.

2How do I register?

  1. 1. Log on to

  2. Select Register to Vote

  3. Fill in your official Tata email ID and the Tata Group Company and press enter to start filling the form (please ensure the information you fill in is the same as what is displayed on your documents)

  4. Once you've filled in all the details correctly, click generate form to create the form 6 that you need to submit

  5. Once your form 6 is generated, you can either Print the form, Validate or send it to an email ID for printing later.

  6. Validate your form is a mandatory option. If you click on validate, depending on which city you're in the form will be sent either to an AOL email ID, or to a Haiyya email ID. A person will verify your form, and respond back on email saying either that your form is correct, or that there are errors in them to be changed. After making the changes, please print your form.

  7. Once your form is ready, along with all the supporting documents, hand it over to the voter registration desk that is set up in your office during the voter registration drive

3Why would I need to register to vote?

Names must be on the final voter rolls with their current address in the correct polling booth in order to cast a ballot in the election.

4How will I know where to vote?

Your voter ID card (EPIC card) lists your polling booth. Booth locations will be announced by the Gujarat CEO. You may also check on the website, at

5Do I need my voter ID card (EPIC card) to vote?

In Gujarat, it is mandatory as per the Electoral Commission of India to provide EITHER EPIC card or other photo ID proof in order to vote. So, you do not have to have your EPIC card as long as you are already on the rolls and have photo ID proof, but it is recommended.

6When will I receive my EPIC card?

If everything goes well, you should receive your voter ID card in one month. You can check the status of your voter ID card here - . If you don't receive your card for several months after submission, you should contact your local ERO office.

7Why would I need to change my voter registration?

There are a few cases:

  1. New registration (you have not been registered before)

  2. New address, same assembly constituency (you have moved)

  3. New address, different assembly constituency (you have moved)

  4. Error in your registration

  5. Remove from rolls (the entry has moved, is disputed, or is deceased)

8What forms do I need to fill out?

For the cases, in the above order:

  1. New registration - Form 6

  2. New address, same assembly constituency - Form 8

  3. New address, different assembly constituency - Form 6

  4. Error in your registration - Form 8A

  5. Remove from rolls - Form 7, or Form 6 if you are re-registering in a new constituency

9What else do I need to provide to register to vote?

For ALL cases, you need:

  1. Copy of photo ID (passport, drivers license, student ID, etc)

  2. Copy of proof of residence, OR the original (utility bill, ration card, lease + signed letter from owner and society, bank / Kisan / post office passbook, photo ID if current address is listed, postal department posts)

    1. If proof of residence is in someone else's name, you need to prove the relationship with a copy of your birth certificate (for parents) or marriage certificate (for spouse)

  3. Passport-size photo

If you are below the age of 22 (so age 18-21), you will also need a certified copy of your birth certificate.

10Do I have to have a certified copy? It's not in the law.

This is up to the discretion of the VREC center. In Gujarat, as per the CEO's website, certified copies are less required - but you may obtain certification from a SEO or gazetted official for free, or from a notary for a small fee.

11What is a certified copy?

A certified copy is a copy of an original that has been signed off on by a SEO, a gazetted official, or a notary. An example of this could be a party official or a doctor. The official will need to see the original and the copy, and verify that there is no difference.

12Do I have to have a copy of my photo ID? It's not in the law.

See above. It's up to the discretion of the ERO, but it is in your interest to provide it.

13Who is the ERO?

The ERO is the Election Registration Official. They are a government official who works PART-TIME on the election, and is in charge of all the election activities in an assembly constituency or part of an assembly constituency. The ERO also holds other responsibilities within the government, is directed by the Deputy DEO (who is a full-time election official), and manages BLOs and staff within the Election Registration Office. Your ERO and their office are listed online at the Election Commission's website. Please follow this link -