All About Voting
Frequently asked qustions
All of us know that voting procedures can get a little complicated at times. So, I've answered any question you may have and also sorted them by topic! This is as simple as it gets.
  How do I register to vote?
  I don't know my Assembly Constituency. Where can I check?
  What are the documents I need to register as a voter?
  What is Form 6, Form 7, Form 8, and Form 8A?
  Where can I register to vote?
  I don't have an address proof document on my name. Can I still register to vote?
  Where do I submit my voter registration form?
  Can somebody else submit my voter registration form?
  I submitted my registration form but was denied the receipt of application. Where should I complain?
  When can I register to vote? Can I register around the year?
  There is an upcoming election where I want to vote? What is the last date for registration?
  Is voter registration a one-time exercise?
  Do I need to register separately for general, state and local elections?
  Can I register to vote online?
  Once I complete the registration process, can I be sure I've become a registered voter?
  When does the address verification take place? Who does it?
  What if I am not present at home during address verification?
  What is house-to-house enumeration?
  What if I was away when enumerators visited my house?
  I am facing a problem with voter registration. Where do I complain?