How do Indians like their tea?

Tata Tea Premium TVC 2015

The blending of the big leaves with the small leaves of Tata Tea Premium is much like the blending of small joys in life - where everything comes together perfectly!

About tata tea premium - 2010

In 2010, Tata Tea Premium was re-launched with a new identity and positioning, and combined rational and emotional communication through the Badi patti, Choti patti television commercial. With this campaign, Tata Tea Premium sought to appeal to the honest, socially-conscious homemaker of India, who wishes to be an agent of change in her circle of influence. She brings about this change in a harmonious manner, just like the harmonious blend of badi patti (big tea leaves) and choti patti (small tea leaves) in Tata Tea Premium. Do take a look at our latest advertising campaigns here.

About tata tea premium - 2007

Tata Tea Premium is beyond being just a cup of tea. In 2007, the brand brought in a wave of collective consciousness and social awakening through its landmark campaign Jaago Re. Tata Tea Premium continues to speak about social awakening, moving from voting to the issue of corruption with the Khilana bandh, Pilana shuru campaign in 2009



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