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I was walking to my friend’s place when it happened. I was wearing a normal salwar kameez, watching my step as I walked. The next thing I remember, I fell face down on the pavement and a small crowd gathered around me. I got up, my salwar torn at my knees, my dupatta gone, my neck bearing a sore red mark.

A bike rode past me and the man on the pillion had grabbed my dupatta and sped off; laughing at my horror and calling me names.

I was shaken and my head was in absolute turmoil. This was broad daylight - these things aren’t supposed to happen in the middle of the day with a dozen people milling around. I felt violated and angry, hot tears streamed down my face, as some women patted my back and guided me to a seat. The crowd eventually dispersed once they knew that I was alright. Someone kindly offered to drop me home, but I declined, more out of distrust than politeness.

I shudder to think what would have happened, if I were walking at night, instead of the day. And to think that the culprits who did this to me, are riding around on their motorcycles, doing the same thing to every other woman they come across.

The rest of us, victims of such blatant attacks, can only get back to our routines. Pretending as if this is the most we will ever endure.

Rape doesn’t come with a warning

Women's safety is not a new issue that's just cropped up... it's been a lingering problem for a very long time in India. Why are we waiting for the next attack, the next rape, and the next brutality to finally get serious and start working towards a change?

If these issues were addressed with urgency before, things may have been different today. Don't wait for the next act of violence of against a woman to react, to finally start walking the path of change.

Alarm Bajne Se Pehle Jaago Re!

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