After the earthquake that shattered parts of India and Nepal, concerns on disaster and safety are echoing across the sub-continent.


How prepared is India if a disaster of the same magnitude were to strike us? Let’s take a look at some of the major cities in India and their mechanisms in place to defend ourselves against natural calamities:



The recent Nepal earthquake and the damage caused to life and property has left us all stunned. Meanwhile, many of us are left wondering how prepared we are to deal with a disaster of the same magnitude.

Almost all states in India face different kinds of natural disasters or man-made hazards.



The massive earthquake in Nepal has affected many families in the country, with shocks felt in some regions in India too. Many are feared dead and injured.


Aftershocks following such a huge earthquake are not uncommon and being prepared in the event of any catastrophe can help avert further damage to one's being.


It is the eve of the 67th Independence Day in India. Over six decades have gone by since our forefathers laid down their lives for an Independent India. Yet there has been a nagging sense of disillusionment. Many times we ask ourselves where is the freedom we once fought for so passionately? Corruption, pollution, social inequality, gender violence, poverty, child abuse etc. are some serious problems plaguing India today.




Sister donates 65% of her liver to save brother


In late 2013, Nisha Bhaisade from Mumbai didn’t think twice before donating 65% of her liver to her brother Nilesh Bhaisade. The surgery took place on the day of Raksha Bandhan.




What is the Uniform Civil Code (UCC)?


The term civil code is used to cover the entire body of laws governing rights relating to property and matters like marriage, divorce, maintenance, adoption and inheritance.


Soon after the new PM came to power, a debate sparked off on Article 370 that saw heated exchanges among political heads in India. Here's an attempt to simply Article 370.





What does Article 370 signify?


Why do people vote? Many vote to take active part in democracy, believing that their vote will actually benefit the country.


However, some people are easily led astray and fooled into voting - for all the wrong reasons.