India has the world’s largest population of girls that do not go to school.

Nearly 2 in 3 of all illiterate children are girls.

Half of India's girls can read vs 3/4th of India's boys

It is a known fact that India still lags behind when it comes to progress on girl's education. Women have begun to be more visible in the employment sector only in the recent decades.

Jaago Re and CNN IBN invited 3 individuals that have represented this cause in India. They came together to frame a 5-point manifesto on education and employment.

Kiran Bedi, the first Indian women IPS officer; Virendra Sam Singh, educational activist and founder of the Pardada Pardadi Educational Trust; and Sairee Chahal, founder of Sheroes, which inspires women to find their work-family balances; joined the show on CNN-IBN.

The 5 point manifesto on Women's Education and Employment -

1. Savings for girls, free transportation

Incentivise schooling by putting savings for girls. Transportation costs to schools must be borne by the State.

2. Technical Education, Rural recruiting camps

Special emphasis on Technical Education of girls. Set up rural recruiting camps to provide women in villages with more job opportunities.

3. Home sciences and Sports compulsory for boys and girls

Mandatorily introduce home sciences and sports in curriculum for boys as well as girls.

4. Women-friendly work policies

Need mandatory crèches, women-friendly maternity policies that include long-term leave – both rural and urban.

5. Women's reservation in the workplace & politics

Time-bound commitment to women's reservation in party-ticket distribution and cabinet. Bring public sector on par with private sector on women's representation.

The Power of 49 has put forth their manifesto on education and employment.

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All the four manifestos have now been presented to the leading parties. To read the final 10 point Powerof49 Manifesto, click here

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