Violence at home is an open secret in India. It is unreasonable to think that public spaces are unsafe for women, when we cannot even protect her in the cocoon of her own house. Marital rape, dowry harassment and physical abuse are common in many families in India. CNN IBN and Jaagore invited three experts to frame a Five-point Manifesto that we will present to authorities and consequently demand action.

Actor/Activist Shabana Azmi, lawyer/activist Flavia Agnes and author/survivor of domestic violence Rashmi Anand came forward and helped frame the PowerOf49 Manifesto on Violence in the Home.

1. Politicians with a clean record

Politicians must lead by example. Politicians shouldn’t practice dowry themselves. Zero tolerance for abusers of this rule among all parties.

2. Promote awareness of women’s rights on property and housing<

Educate displaced women about their rights on the residence.

3. Support system for survivors of domestic violence

Complete medical, psychological and legal support should be provided. Special family counselling centres, even in the Police quarters will help women.

4. Support system for sexually abused children

Government should make provisions for legal, medical, financial and emotional support systems for children facing sexual abuse within their homes.

5. Severe punishment for Female Foeticide

Any doctor found guilty should have their licenses suspended immediately and they should also face a lifetime ban. Female Foeticide must be treated as a non-bailable offence. Parents found guilty must also be strictly punished.

The Power of 49 has put forth their manifesto on domestic violence

Join the conversation on @JaagoRe on twitter next week as we discuss health and sanitation and create a #Powerof49 manifesto on CNN IBN on Friday, 7th March, 8.30 pm

To read the final 10-point #Powerof49 Manifesto that was presented to leading political parties, click here

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