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Exercise their Rights.

The biggest election in the world, General Elections 2014 are on and people from across the country are celebrating the rights democracy bestows upon them; the right to vote.

Bangalore so far has reported the lowest voter turnout of about 54%. Yet there were a few voters who did step out to vote.

Jaagore asked some of these people what made them vote in Elections 2014.

Akarshitha Nagraj, 24, student

I voted for safety of women commuters, especially at nights. I voted for the educated politicians.

Arshiya Tabassum, 36, software engineer

There is acute water shortage in our area. I have voted so politicians have an answer for this.

Sujita Raj, 39, homemaker

I voted for better roads - so politicians clear up the unfinished roads works that cause immense trouble to commuters daily.

Ammu R, 24, cook

I'm a first time voter.

I voted because I'm sick of garbage strewn across the city haphazardly. I voted so we have a clean city to live in.

Usha, 35, maid

Water from my taps have worms in it. I had complained before, now I voted for clean drinking water.

Prajini, 35, homemaker

I voted for an affordable city. Cost of living is very high here.

Malvika Gupta, 23, software engineer

I'm a first-time voter.

I voted for safety for women in the streets. I also voted for a traffic-free commute in Bangalore.

Anuj Kabadi, 21, content strategist

I voted for empowerment of women through education and employment. I voted for a better country for women.

Naveed Mulki, 28 , media professional

I feel men don't stand up for women enough... there's more harassment than we men acknowledge. I voted this year for safety and empowerment of women.

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